Friday, 21 April 2017

Okay its HERE!! Its finally finished and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! 

BUT if you haven't read my 'Evolution of the Laundry' post then STOP.....quickly go check it out get yourself up to speed with the evolution of this space, so that you can see the process in which it took to get us to where we are today with this space!

It is an office come laundry with copious amounts of storage whilst being functional and gorgeous at the same time! The best purchase for this room was the hinges for the washing machine cupboard doors. They open, then slide down the sides of the washing machine so when you need to use it there are no doors in the way, however when you done it is out of sight and the room doesn't even resemble a laundry!

No more yarning...It speaks for itself!
If you have any questions at all I am happy to answer them! Just leave a comment here or over on my Instagram!

1. Clock - Artclub Concept
2. Lamp - The Design Store
3. Prints - Olive et Oriel
4. Wire Grid - Kmart
5. Stationery - Warehouse Stationery 
6. Ceiling Light - Kmart
7. Baskets - Kmart
8. Frame - CO Home
9. Vases - Palmers



So if you have been following my blog from the beginning you would know what our house looked like when we first bought it and how much we have changed over the past 5 years! If you haven't seen it go have a gander...its actually mind blowing seeing how far we have come and what we have achieved. Here is the photos I took when we first bought...and these are the ones of the blank canvas on day one of renos! The whole reason why I started this blog in the very beginning all those years ago...before instagram and before being a 'mummy blogger' was actually a thing was to keep track of our progress so that one day we could look back and see how far we have come and read the stories about it all which likely would have been forgotten with my severe baby brain memory I have been blessed with since having kids!

Cute photo of Kylan cause I just found it whilst searching for laundry reno photos!

We have always had a small budget for the reno, and when we did the first major reno of the kitchen, dining and lounge we also did the laundry. We had never lived in our house prior to the reno...we had rented it out for a few months while we continued to save to fund our improvements (that, and the kitchen was so gross I wouldn't want to have to eat from cutlery that had been in those scummy old rotten drawers! This being said until you actually fully live in a space you don't really know what will work and not work, and over time you have epiphanies! (I always pronounce this "epi-fanny" as one day I was reading something to someone and automatically, thanks to my phonics learning at school pronounced it "epi-fanny" and have never been able to live it down so now I just roll with it!) You will see where I am going with this later but for now bare with my ramblings!

The initial changes we were making were things we knew would work and needed doing and we had no doubts about them and still to this day are happy with every decision we made! All we did in the laundry was basically put in some proper storage and make it a more usable space as initially it was essentially a bare room and the only back door to the house. With the new back door this one would no longer be constantly used.

I just realised I have never actually shared any photos of the laundry on here...I just went to tag in a post with a photo of them but couldn't find a single one.

So here is the photo of the laundry the day we started renovations 5 years ago...And what we did to it during the first stage of our reno to make it more of a practical space...

We put in an inbuilt sink with cupboard space, overhead cupboards and a very large cupboard which became the home to all our 'crap'!

After living in our home for 5 years now you start to think about the spaces differently and how to utilise the space you have more effectively.

One night I was sitting next to my pile of office crap on the couch and was pondering where I could plonk a desk. I work from home...literally from the couch with all my paperwork scattered all over around me which had to be cleaned up overtime I paused so that the kids didn't get their grubby mits on it!

I considered using on of the hallway cupboards and having a hidden office, but we have limited storage with no garage so that idea was vetoed. Our small house with minimal wall space also meant there was nowhere in the lounge or bedroom areas that could be utilised as a small office space.

Then I thought of the Laundry room and how much space is actually in there and what a waste it essentially is.  We hadn't used this laundry door in about 3 years...It was essentially pointless as right next door were the large french doors which we had installed. With the door there we couldn't use that wall or the one next to it where the door opened onto. It was a lightbulb moment that the door NEEDED to go and so it did!! We took out the door and existing window and put in one larger window.

I started Pinteresting up ideas on where to place a laundry. With the outdoor reno in the planning stages I thought of building in an outdoor utility area with space for the washing washing too out on the deck. The thought of going outside in the middle of winter to put a load of washing in wasn't very appealing so I was back to the drawing board. Pinterest has some great little laundry rooms in cupboards. I started brain storming how to incorporate that into the current laundry room so that half would be laundry and half would be office.

Image Via Pinterest
I really struggled with designing this room. I wanted it to be practical, look good, and be a room where I would want to go in and sit and work. I didn't want to feel like I was sitting in the laundry on my laptop, I also needed to design it around a new window as the room needed to keep as much light as possible being on the south side of the house.

Image Via Pinterest
The tall cupboard that was in there did chop the room in half which made me decide to not go with a tall cupboard at all in the space. The sink was the toughest decision. I couldn't come up with a way to incorporate one in a hidden space. I decided to not include a sink in this room but instead when the outdoor reno is complete there will be an outdoor sink available under the shelter to rinse off paintbrushes and other mucky things!

I think I came up with the perfect design. I designed every element myself. From the layout, to the desk, the shelves and the little storage nooks! I am so proud of what I have made and now that all elements have finally come together I am in LOVE! I will be working day and night to just sit back in this gorgeous space.

Enough of the yarning and the process behind it....Here it is! My office with hidden laundry. Its so beautiful it deserves a post all of its own!



Wednesday, 19 April 2017

So you all know the story Cinderella? The one where the poor little girl goes from washing dishes and waiting on her family to being pampered by mice and a magic fairy godmother becoming the Belle of the ball!

Well I have become the Belle of the ball...well actually more like the Belle of the Gym!

Don't get me wrong I am pretty much still the maid washing dishes, doing the washing and cleaning up after my tribe most of the time but now I get a break from reality and feel like I have walked into paradise when I head to the gym.

Next Generation truly is that...it’s the next generation of gyms! From the service, to the equipment, the facilities and opportunities it is really NEXT GENERATION! Our first impressions were WOW! We have found a place we can all enjoy together as a family! It’s not just Ryan and myself tag teaming it with the kids at home to shoot down to the gym to squeeze in a quick workout anymore. Going to the gym has become a family affair.

Kylan fell in love the moment he walked through the gates to see the computers and PS4 just calling his name. Arden fell in love the moment he saw the gates and how our access card magically opened them (that has now become his job!) Ryan fell in love with the weight lifting equipment and it was love at first sight for me and the Spa area and the rooftop pool.

Clearly you are getting where I am going with the whole "going to the gym just got a whole new meaning!" I can say that I'm heading to the gym but actually I am heading to go lay in the sun next to the rooftop pool, or have a drink at the bar with friends, or chilling in the sauna (well you don't really chill in a sauna but you catch my drift) . It really is so much more than just a gym.

Ry and I aim to head in once a week for a couples workout followed by a swim - its our date night! The first Friday we did this we were greeted with complimentary bubbles and live music! AHH -MAZING! We didn't actually have any bubbles, but instead smashed out a workout together and then headed downstairs to enjoy a sauna and spa. 

I don't walk out of the gym a sweaty hot mess anymore! With GHDs scattered around the large spacious changing rooms I walk out looking like I have just left the salon! Nobody needs to know I have spent the past hour laying about the sauna.(No really I do actually work out too!)

Sundays have been our family days at the gym. With this rotten weather we have been having it was the perfect way to spend our days. The boys and Ry would hang out at the computers and play area while I go attend one of the awesome classes, then we swap and I take the boys for a swim while Ry has a workout. Then he joins us at the pool for some family fun followed by lunch at the restaurant!

Needless to say the boys think its just the best thing since sliced bread ( and that saying a lot as Arden is all about a dry plain piece of bread!!) and they get home tired from swimming the day away and crash in bed making for a peaceful evening of adult time. (And by adult time I mean squeezing in as many episodes of Gossip Girl in that we can. Yes Ryan's obsessed too!)

I have had a busy few weeks so have yet to book Arden into the creche there but its on my to do list to take him in by myself during the week and attend some more of the awesome classes while he plays at the creche. I may or may not enjoy a sneaky spa while he's there too...it would be rude not to right!

Anyway we have only been going for a few weeks now but I had to share what I thought about it so far! This weekend is the last of the weddings and celebrations for us for the season so the endless eating and drinking will be coming to a halt and I need to get my ass back into shape again so watch this space. I am hoping the trainers can set me up with a new routine to tone up those soggy looking bits and I aim to try every class thats on offer to shock my body into getting back into shape again. I am all about the 80:20 lifestyle but with all the celebrating thats been happening that ratio has not been going to plan and it really is starting to show!

I may even do a before and after photo to see how I go...I took this one last week. Not a proper before but it will be good to see whether I can tone up those hips which have always been my troublesome spot by mixing up my workouts!

So watch this space!! Hopefully there is an amazing transformation come my next post...if not that could be awkward!



Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Kids can be full on! They are a full time job in themselves. Throw in general life admin, part time work and everything else that comes with life and it can all sometimes be too much!

There are days where my kids get 100% of my attention and I still manage to get 2 loads of washing done, dried, folded and put away as well as having the house spotless by the time hubby rolls in from work with dinner in the oven.

Then there are those other days where I am drowning in work and to do lists, have washing coming out of my ears (or it’s been sitting in the washing machine too long and now we have musty smelling clothes), have zero patience with the kids and they are playing up just to get more attention from me and by 5pm I realise I haven't got anything out for dinner. I would like to think that these days are few and far between but they are actually a regular occurrence, especially at the moment as we have all been so busy and haven't had much down time in a while to just catch up on life admin!

I was the mean mum this year who chose not to buy a BYOD for Kylan for school. I mean I was at Uni before I bought my very first laptop so I don't see why an 8 year old needs his own one! I'll just add it’s not compulsory yet for his year however it was recommended but after doing my research I found out he would get allocated a school one to use for the year and the only thing that would be different to the kids who have their own would be that he couldn't bring it home to use. FINE BY ME!

I try not to encourage much screen time at all at home (especially for Kylan)! after being inside learning all day I want him to come home and climb trees, jump, run and get rid of as much energy as physically possible! In saying that there is a time and a place for everything and as a 'reward' for great behaviour or when I can see he is running on empty and needs some down time I am more than happy to let him sit in my office and have a play on my laptop.

The TV babysitter certainly has its place around here but where I can I have been trying to make sure that when I need a babysitter for the boys it is something educational. There are a few sites that Kylan loves which he uses at school, but after using them all day he generally doesn't want to come home and use them again, he wants something new.

His latest discovery is the use of Rosie's World where he gets lost in educational games and moovies! His favourite is the mini game on Rosie's Big OE called "Cooper's Hill". I mean rolling cheese....HELLO who doesn't love cheese!

I always check out the websites that I allow the boys to use first, and I am not going to lie...I SUCK at this game! I don't know whether I am just a complete amateur or just need some more practice but I don't know how Kylan does it! He absolutely nails it and here I am getting big red "OUCH" messages as I am slammed by the red cheese balls! But on a positive note I am learning new things too! My history and geography knowledge isn't up to scratch anymore and as I haven't had the chance to have my big OE yet (yes I said yet...the up side of having kids young is that they will be leaving home while I’m still young too and hubby and I can leave them here while we jet off and travel the world!) so as well as Kylan increasing his general knowledge I AM TOO! #winning

So if you need some guilt free screen time for the kids in order to get on top of life's admin or even if its just to have a 5 min sit down in peace to recharge your batteries so that you can tackle the rest of your day then head on over and check out Rosie's World. I dare you to take on those cheese barrels yourself...hopefully it’s not just me that absolutely sucks at that game! Even the 3 year old beats my score!



Sunday, 19 March 2017

So we have been having a few wee issues with Arden lately...simple things like brushing teeth had become nearly impossible to get done and being a typical boy he was getting lazy about going to the toilet straight away and would end up with dribbles in his undies everyday and boy wee STINKS so I wanted to put a stop to that straight away!

Another major issue we have developed over the last month is him not wanting me to leave him at creche. He screams blue murder and makes the biggest scene so I wanted to encourage him to happily say goodbye to mummy like he always used to with the incentive of a reward.

Bribery always works a treat with kids...am I right? But I didn't want to be dishing out lollies or toys left right and centre for these simple day to day tasks so I whipped up a sticker chart because honestly, what kid doesn't LOVE stickers?

He was so excited by the thought of getting stickers for doing these little things that I thought why not include a few extra daily jobs which can often be a struggle.

So this is what I came up with...

Arden's Sticker Chart...for being a big boy!!

I used pictures as he is obviously too young to read so the little kid doing the jobs tells him what the sticker is for and I have only done it for the weekdays as in all honestly, we are totally relaxed on the weekend and I am not going to be worrying about remembering to pop a sticker on the chart!

So our jobs are:

Going to the toilet everyday with no wees in his pants - I have done a toilet training sticker chart in the past four Arden, I will try load that sometime too!

Going to creche without crying and screaming when mummy goes - he has yet to earn a sticker for this one yet!

Eating up all his dinner - this meal can often turn into a struggle when he is tired and grumpy!

Tidying up all his toys - I put this here for the end of the day tidy up. Obviously he won't do it all himself but as long as he helps out and starts learning to do it now. Kylan and him usually tidy up together at the end of the day. Actually since starting the chart Arden will want to tidy up his toys in the middle of the day too which I'm taking as a total win!

Brushing his teeth - a task that had become an absolute nightmare that I had got to the point where some nights it wasn't worth the trouble and I wouldn't even bother trying! Total bad mum but you really gotta pick your battles!

Staying in his bed all night - Between growing pains and nightmares we have had our fair share of broken sleep around here lately so as some extra encouragement on the nights when he's not up screaming in pain or terrified of bugs all over him in his dreams he can earn a sticker for staying in his bed all night!

When they get all their stickers for the week they earn a trophy! This can be a wee treat. Whether it be an outing, an ice cream or a little toy. You can decide!

I have made two unpersonalised versions - one for good boys and one for good girls to help encourage and remind them of their daily tasks and routines. I have an incredible 8 year old who we taught from day one to tidy up after himself, make his bed etc etc and now he is a total dream and does more than his fair share of chores around the house and I never have to ask him to do the basics. He had a wee sticker back in the day too and I really believe it helped turn him into this helpful wee chap!

You can download your free printable version here! 


I got mine laminated so that every week I can simply peel off all the stickers from the previous week and start again fresh! I think it cost me about $7 to get printed and laminated in A3 from my local Warehouse Stationery.

I hope you enjoy!


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